Sense and Sound is a collaborative project focused on the intersections of listening, literature, art, and culture. We offer tools and materials to support research and teaching committed to exploring the deep world of the ear.

Our Team

Luca Bacchini (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Sérgio Bairon (Universidade de São Paulo)
Vincent Barletta (Stanford University)
Fernando Céspedes (Universidade de São Paulo)
Marília Librandi (Stanford University)
Jamille Pinheiro (Universidade de São Paulo)
Rui Torres (Universidade Fernando Pessoa)

A Brief History

Over the first two years of our project, and thanks to a generous grant from the Stanford University DLCL Research Unit, we have accomplished two of our principal goals. In the first place, we’ve established a focused discussion (on campus and beyond) at the intersection of sound, meaning, and the humanistic inquiry. In the second place, we have put together the first version of a web-based platform that brings together a suite of tools designed to support collaborative humanistic (especially poetic) research and teaching on the topic of sound.

We’ve also been active at conferences. We organized a three-session panel on Sound and Noise (“Contos e cantos de barulhos”) at the 2016 Brazilian Studies Association conference in Providence, RI. We have also co-organized a panel titled, “Sound and Post-Anthropocentrism” at the Post-Anthropocentric Brazilian Contemporary Thought conference at the University of Chicago. In October 2016, we sponsored two sessions on Sense and Sound at the American Portuguese Studies Association conference at Stanford. At this same conference, Brazilian novelist and art curator Veronica Stigger led a round table for the Stanford community aimed at exploring the intersections of art, sound, and literature.

A Brief History of the Future

Joining forces with colleagues at Princeton and USP, we ar enow in the process of developing a Listening Lab that will incorporate much of what is available on this site with work and tools developed elsewhere. We hope to have this new site up and running by 2019. If you’re interested in participating, please let us know!